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Dubai most expensive in GCC for expats, 2022

Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey ( provides employers with current, extensive and reliable data to help them navigate compensation strategies for their mobile employees in the unpredictable global markets.

Among GCC countries, Kuwait was ranked at 131st spot followed by Qatar (Doha) on 133. In GCC most expensive cities were Dubai on 31, Abu Dhabi on 61, Jeddah on 111, Manama on 117 and on Muscat 119

Hong Kong tops Mercer’s 2022 Cost of Living City Ranking followed by Zurich and Geneva, while Ankara was ranked at the 227th spot as cheapest cost of living.

31DubaiUnited Arab Emirates
61Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
111 Jeddah Saudi Arabia
117Manama Bahrain
119 MuscatOman
131 Kuwait City Kuwait
133 Doha Qatar


Arab Times
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