Dubai: Museum Of The Future Set To Open Next Year

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Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) has announced the completion of the structure for the Museum of the Future, which aims to be an icon of the future of science and innovation and a top global destination for the launch of new technologies

The new programme will fly in 15 companies to Dubai to demonstrate their technology, develop pilot project proposals, and compete for funded projects that could be integrated into the opening of the Museum of the Future.

Designed to transport visitors deep into the future of the 21st century, Dubai’s Museum of the Future aims to offer people real experiences of futuristic technologies.

Companies are encouraged to apply for one of three challenges in the accelerator program. The first challenge – Advanced Wearable Devices – focuses on leveraging the combination of sensor devices, and applications to create a truly incredible visitor experience.

The second challenge – AI Guides and Social Companions – aims to create personalized visitor experiences through the use of conversational chatbots.

The third challenge – the VR and AR Experience – aims to create dynamic interactive experiences in the museum that can also be shared with people no matter where they might be, eliminating digital and physical boundaries.

“If you have a product or a solution which you think might help us solve the challenges that are part of the accelerators programme, we look forward to your application and if successful, welcoming you to Dubai to help build the future together,” said Dr Noah Raford, COO and futurist-in-chief at Dubai Future Foundation.

Companies selected for the accelerators programme will have unparalleled access to the resources, expertise and staff of the Museum of the Future.

Companies can apply for the programme on the website The deadline for applications is May 30.

The Museum of the Future will act as a platform to demonstrate and test the latest inventions and prototypes and will host a major event space, a theatre, classrooms, and partnership labs with the most inspiring industry leaders of the 21st century. It is currently under construction and is set to open by the end of 2019.


Source Credit: Arabian Business


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