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Dubai: Pakistanis jailed for sex trafficking 17 year old girl

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Three Pakistani men and a woman, who brought a 17-year-old girl from their home country to exploit her in prostitution in Dubai, have all been sentenced to three years in jail on a human trafficking charge.

The Court of First Instance cleared, however, the four defendants of the charge of running a flat as a prostitution den where the teenage victim and another woman worked as prostitutes. The court ordered each of them to pay a Dh100,000 fine.

A fifth Pakistani, 24, has been sentenced to six months in jail for having illicit consensual sex with the victim. One of the main accused, a 24-year-old Pakistani woman (not one of the prostitutes), stood trial in absentia as she is still on the loose.

The court ordered the deportation of all of them after completing their jail terms. It also ruled that the flat they ran should remain closed unless an order from the public prosecution said otherwise. The Dubai Police raided the flat after a tip-off.

“We were tipped- off that an underage girl was being exploited in prostitution. We set up a task force from the anti-human trafficking section to follow-up on that information and keep the flat under watch,” said a police lieutenant.


An undercover police officer carried Dh100, belonging to the Dubai police, while the informant and other police officers waited at a distance outside. “It was around 7.30pm when we went to the flat. The undercover cop requested inside the flat to have sex with the teenage victim. When the main accused led him into a room, he gave the signal to us for raid,” the lieutenant added.

The teenage victim said that an average of 10 men would come daily for sex, mostly Asians.



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