Dubai Police Arrests Expat Beggar Earning Dh100,000 Per Month

dubai police arrests expat beggar

The anti-begging campaign launched by Dubai police revealed an expat beggar on visit visa, arrested in Dubai’s Al Quoz area earning whopping Dh100,000 in just a month.

“Most of the beggars come on visit visas and some are brought by tourist companies without proper background checks, “said, acting-director of police stations.

He added that if the beggar caught is found from a tourist company, the firm will be fined Dh2,000 and if it repeats the action, it will be blacklisted.

Talking about the newly-launched anti-begging campaign, Brigadier Al Hashimi said that the drive is aimed at nabbing beggars and cracking down on begging during the holy month of Ramadan.

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As part of the crackdown, security and civilian patrols will be carried out to combat begging, particularly in areas where beggars are concentrated, including markets, residential areas, Ramadan tents, places of worship and parking spots.

He added that apart from the expat beggar who was caught with Dh100,000, the police also recently arrested a woman who was begging, carrying a small child and a newborn baby.

He said that residents and people who are in dire need should contact charities and philanthropists who wouldn’t hesitate to help needy citizens holding resident visas.

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According to statics released by the Dubai Police, the number of beggars arrested has been declining over the years. As many as 243 beggars were nabbed in 2018, which included 136 men and 107 women. In 2017, 653 beggars were arrested, 1,021 in 2016 and 1,405 in 2015.