Dubai Police to launch AI-powered surveillance system

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Dubai Police will introduce a sophisticated new surveillance programme that uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to prevent crimes and respond quickly to emergencies, according to Major General Ibrahim Khalil Al Mansouri, the force’s assistant commander for criminal investigations.

Speaking to local media on Saturday, Major General Al Mansouri said that the Oyoon (Arabic for ‘eyes’) project uses advanced technologies such as AI to prevent crime, reduce accidental traffic deaths, an ensure rapid responses to any incidents that take place in residential or commercial areas of the emirate.

Additionally, Al Mansouri said the AI-powered system allows the police force to reduce the need for human intervention, particularly in monitoring, analysis and surveillance.

“The project is an effective translation of the UAE’s strategy for artificial intelligence to achieve its objectives of relying on services, data analysis and smart application in various fields of work efficiency and effectively,” he said.

“In addition to integrating the first line services of the Dubai Police provided to the public through artificial intelligence in the main police operations.”

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Among the features of the system, according to police officials, is facial-recognition software that can identify suspects, microphone-enabled cameras that can “speak” to suspects and the public, as well as license plate readers.

The project committee includes a number of other government entities and private sector companies, such as the State Security Agency, Dubai Municipality, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA).

Together, the committee will set standards on the installation and use of CCTV cameras across Dubai and conduct field studies, Al Mansouri added.

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Source Credit: Arabian Business


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