Dubai police promotes “happy vibes” with giant smiley face on station roof

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Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and a symbol of oil industry boom times. Over recent years it has implemented a new policy that makes “happiness” the center of many of its policies, with the aim of becoming the happiest city in the world by 2021.

“As per the directives of Dubai police commander in chief, Maj. Gen. Abdullah Khalifa al-Marri, to create more positive and happy vibes, we came up with the idea of drawing a gigantic smile face on the top of al-Muraqqabat Police Station,” the director of the station, Brig. Gen. Ali Ghanim, said in a statement.

Officers in the Middle Eastern megacity unveiled the emoji-like symbol on the glass dome at the top of al-Muraqqabat Police Station on Wednesday. The yellow face will soon be installed at other police stations and government buildings, according to the Abu Dhabi-owned newspaper the National.


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