How Dubai powers Apple’s ‘spaceship’

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As millions around the world tuned in to watch the unveiling of the iPhone X, or what Apple calls “the future of the smartphone” on Tuesday, the pristine venue of the event bore testimony to Dubai’s advances in sustainability.

How? Because the massive carbon-fibre roof of the Steve Jobs Theater is made-in-Dubai. Not many know, but Dubai Investment Park-based Premier Composite Technologies (PCT) is responsible for building the unassuming glass dome that hides an aesthetically-pleasing subterranean auditorium that can host up to about 1,000 persons.

The roof of the Steve Jobs Theater is “a massive statement piece, in addition to a design feat”, PCT says on its website. They do add that Apple doesn’t want you to call it a UFO – even if it does resemble one.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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