Dubai prepares for world’s first fully rotating Skyscraper

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As hotels continue to find new and innovate amenities to add to guest rooms, there has long been some common and indisputable truths. There will be a bed, there will be a door, there will be a window with a view that cannot be enhanced or changed.

That last point, however, is no longer an indisputable truth, or it will stop being a truth in the near future. In Dubai, developers are building a rotating skyscraper, wherein each floor will spin independently, essentially giving every resident a 360-degree view of all the vistas that surround them. There are many hotels in Dubai that can say they give their guests an incredible view. This new rotating hotel, however, would be the first to offer its occupants many breathtaking views from their room during the course of a single stay.

The physics of the structure are interesting, of course, involving a rotating core that would contain an elevator guests could take from the ground up. The floors above would then be connected to the stationary centerpiece.

Source Credit: Hospitality Net
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