Dubai set to allow night swimming at beaches with new floodlights

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Dubai’s beaches are set to shine bright at night with the installation of ‘smart poles’ providing high-intensity lighting on the shores.


The first two smart poles that generate electricity using solar and wind energy have been installed on the Umm Suqeim Beach 1, almost a kilometre away from Burj Al Arab.

The pilot project is aimed at illuminating the beach areas after sunset so that authorities can consider allowing night swimming. Currently, Dubai Municipality and Dubai Police, the two entities in charge of beach safety, do not allow night swimming on Dubai beaches. With the smart poles providing lighting on the beach, authorities are expected to consider allowing swimming in the lit-up area.

Once the pilot project is found successful, it is expected to allocate beach areas close to the smart poles and lifeguards to facilitate night swimming.

The 12-metre-high smart poles are installed some 25 metres away from the sea. They illuminate the areas on the beach and the sea. The light can go as far as 30 metres in the water.

Each pole has the capacity to generate about 1.5kW electricity per day. The poles work on a combination of wind and solar energy and are fitted with sensors that can automatically turn on the lights when the sun sets.

The sensors can measure the quantity of light, wind speed and movement of people as well. The lights will be on early during winter days as it gets dark by 5.30pm. The spinning speed of the turbines can be adjusted based on the wind speed. If there is no wind, then the solar energy will charge up the batteries.

The poles also carry digital screens to show weather warnings for swimming.

(Source credit – Gulf News)


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