Dubai to start issuing digital ownership cards in January

Dubai, UAE:  The Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) in Dubai will start, next month, issuing permanent electronic car ownership cards, in replacement of the current ones.

“The shift to the electronic car registration card will be undertaken in three stages which start in January and conclude in September 2018”, said RTA licensing director Abdulla Youssef Al-Ali.

Customers would just be required to download the RTADUBAI and DUBAI drive applications on their smartphones to have access to the digital ownership card service according to Albayan.

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The first stage which starts in January 2018 will focus on Government-owned vehicles, car rentals and taxis.

The second stage of the three-phased process will start in May 2018 and will be restricted to vehicles owned by private companies.

In the third stage which starts in September private cars will be issued with permanent electronic registration cards.

The digital cards will be issued to customers only once and without any expiry date.

Car owners will be reminded by SMS of the expiry date so that they can renew their digital ownership cards.

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Source Credit: Gulf Daily News