Dubai: These 6 Hand Sanitizers Were Recalled for their Toxic Component

Dubai’s municipality withdrew six types of hand sanitizers that were proven to have been non-compliant with the approved specifications,102 samples showed the presence of methanol.

“A total of 102 samples of different sizes were taken from the products circulated in the market for the purpose of conformity tests and laboratory analysis. The tests showed that six samples did not comply with the approved specifications due to the presence of methanol, which is a colourless liquid with a pungent odour used as a solvent,” according to a statement on WAM.

 “It is highly toxic and hazardous to human health, and affects the nervous system, causes dizziness, headache, irritation of the skin and respiratory system, and causes blindness in severe poisoning cases,” the Dubai Municipality added.

The products recalled were:

– LULU Hand Sanitizer – 500ml

– COSMO Hand Sanitizer – 65ml

– ZIVA Hand Sanitizer – 250 ml

– FEAH Hand Sanitizer – 50ml

– AMEYA Isopropyl Alcohol – 70ml

– LULU Hand Sanitizer – 250ML


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