Dubai: Tourist Uses Fake Credit Cards To Pay Dh135,000 Hotel Bill

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A tourist who used fake credit cards to pay for a luxury holiday in Dubai has been arrested in the emirate.

The European man allegedly racked up a Dh135,000 bill at one hotel then tried to use a forged credit card to pay for charges.

The hotel called police after the payment did not go through.

“The suspect left the hotel after he was told that his credit card declined to process the payment,” Lt Col Omar bin Hammad, deputy director of the Anti-Economic crime department at Dubai Police.

Soon after, another hotel told police that the man attempted to pay his bill using a fake credit card.

Police tracked down and arrested the man.

During questioning, he admitted to forging the cards and using them to pay for his hotel stays across the emirate.

He was referred to Public Prosecution to face charges of forging credit cards and failing to meet payments.


Source Credit: The National