Education Special: “What course is right for you?”

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Choosing a right course is a big decision and can impact your future success and career. Below are some ideas to help you find the right college course. 

Are you good in numbers?
Do you want to start your own business someday?
And market it and eventually sell it to an investor?

If so, consider…


Studying business in college will give you a foundation in many aspects of the business world before choosing a specialization. Specializations range from Human Resource Management to Entrepreneurship. From there, you can decide if you want to join a big corporation or strike it out on your own.


  • Business graduates are in high demand worldwide (and more so if you’ve finished your MBA).
  • Business graduates can go to a very diverse range of careers from accounting to Human Resources.
  • Business graduates are often highly paid.

Where to study Business in Bahrain?

  • University of Bahrain College of Business Administration
    (Marketing, Accounting, Banking & Finance, Business Management, Islamic Banking & Finance)
  • Arabian Gulf University’s French Arabian Business School
  • Ahlia University College of Business and Finance
    (Accounting & Finance, Banking & Finance, Economics & Finance, Management & Marketing, Management Information Systems)
  • Bahrain Polytechnic University College of Business
    (Marketing, Management, Banking & Finance, Accounting)
  • Applied Science University
    (Accounting & Finance, Management Information Systems, Management & Business Studies)
  • Kingdom University College of Business Administration
    (Business Management, Finance & Accounting, Finance & Banking)
  • AMA International University College of Administrative & Financial Studies
    (International Business, Business Informatics)
  • Royal University for Women College of Business & Financial Studies
    (Banking & Finance, International Business, Marketing, Human Resources)
  • Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance
    (Banking & Finance, Accounting & Finance, Islamic Finance, Economics & Management)

Do you like tinkering around with technology making websites
and apps?
Do you dream of ways to improve life and career productivity?
Do your friends call upon you to solve computer-related problems?

If so, consider…

Information Technology (IT)


  • In the world we live in, information is the currency of life; thus the job market in information and computer technology is growing.
  • Many of these careers offer a hefty financial reward.
  • You get the opportunity to make and create things.

Where to study IT in Bahrain?

  • University of Bahrain
  • Ahlia University College of Information Technology
    (Distributed Systems & Multimedia, Information Technology)
  • Bahrain Polytechnic University College of Information and Communications Technology
    (Management Information Systems, Networking, Programming, Database Systems)
  • Applied Science University
    (Computer Science)
  • AMA International University College of Computer Studies
  • Royal University for Women College of Information Technology

Do you dream of treating patients?
Do you want to be called a Doctor?
Do you want to be held in high esteem by society and your peers?

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If so, consider…

Medicine and Medical Studies


  • You have the chance to give back and help society.
  • Financial gain– as a lot of people in the medical profession are highly paid.
  • You can enjoy diverse career opportunities from MD to Physiotherapist.

Where to study Medicine in Bahrain?

  • University of Bahrain College of Health Sciences
    (Nursing, Allied Health, Integrated Sciences, Educational Development)
  • Arabian Gulf University College of Medicine & Medical Science
  • Ahlia University College of Medical & Health Sciences
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland (RCSI)
    (Medicine, Nursing & Midwifery)
  • British Council (MRCP, MRCPCH, MFDS, FRCS, MJDF)

Have you ever wanted to build a bridge like the Golden Gate Bridge?
Did you ever dream of being an astronaut or a payload specialist in space?
Are you logical and have good decision making skills?

If so, consider…



  • Acquiring complex problem-solving skills
  • Financial security—the most common undergraduate degree among Fortune 500 CEO’s is engineering
  • You get a chance to improve the world by building things.

Where to study Engineering in Bahrain?

  • University of Bahrain College of Engineering
    (Electronic, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical & Process Instrumentation)
  • Ahlia University College of Engineering
    (Mobile & Network Engineering, Computer & Communication Engineering)
  • Bahrain Polytechnic University College of Engineering Engineering Technology (Mechanical & Electronic)
  • Applied Science University College of Engineering
    (Architectural Design Engineering, Civil and Construction Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications and Networks Engineering & Mechanical & Design Engineering)
  • AMA International University College of Engineering
    (Informatics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering)
  • Kingdom University College of Architecture Engineering & Design
    (Architecture Engineering)
  • Gulf University
    (Architectural & Interior Design Engineering)


Are you creative and like thinking out of the box?
Do you express yourself artistically?
Do you want your designs to be seen in social media and maybe across the world?

If so, consider…

Graphic Design and Visual Communication


  • Work anywhere in the world (as long as you have a MAC and an internet connection)
  • Work-life balance (there are many opportunities for creative to be their own boss or to freelance).
  • Exciting job opportunities as graphic designers are always in demand.

Where to study Graphic Design in Bahrain?

  • Bahrain Polytechnic University (Visual Design & Web Media)
  • Royal University for Women (Graphic Design)
  • University College of Bahrain (Information Technology, Communication & Multimedia)
  • Applied Science University (Graphic Design in Arabic)
  • Tamkeen (6-month Graphic Design course)
  • Training Plus Institute (Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, Cisco)


Do you want to build modern homes that fit the needs of growing families?
Do you want to craft a city’s skyline through the creation of iconic buildings?
Do you want to impact your community and be written in history books?

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If so, consider…



  • Your work might get to be one of the places that travelers often visit, like the Taj Mahal, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, or even the Pyramids of Egypt.
  • This is another high paying profession with the opportunity to earn more as your portfolio becomes more impressive.
  • You have the chance to create something that has never existed before.

Where to study Architecture in Bahrain?

  • University of Bahrain (Architecture)
  • Royal University for Women (Architectural Design)

Are you interested in government, politics, international relations, international trade and/or human rights?
Are you interested in debate and do you like crafting arguments and counter-arguments?
Do you have an appetite and a capacity for reading?

If so, consider…



  • You can contribute to shaping the development of the law.
  • When you graduate from law school you already have super research, critical analysis, synthesis, presentation and writing skills.
  • And thus, you will be more respected by employers.

Where to study Law in Bahrain?

  • University of Bahrain College of Law
  • Royal University for Women College of Law
  • Kingdom University College of Law

Are you interested in travel and knowing about other cultures?
Do you want to speak and be articulate in more than one language?
Do you dream of being a diplomat?

If so, consider…

Languages and Literature


  • You have a competitive edge in your career as some businesses prefer bilingual employees.
  • Your world will open up and you will begin to enjoy more art, music, dance, films, etc. that you didn’t understand before.
  • Studying languages and literature will prepare you for a career as a writer, poet or diplomat.

Where to study Languages and Literature in Bahrain?

  • University of Bahrain College of Arts
    (Arabic, English Language and Literature, History, Islamic Studies)

Do you want to shape the lives of the next generation?
Do you want to have a meaningful career?
Do you want to be able to work anywhere in the world?

If so, consider…



  • Teaching certificates are recognized internationally and you’ll have no trouble getting a job in case you move across countries.
  • A teaching diploma will help you stand out professionally as you will have strong communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.
  • Teaching will always be an in-demand profession.

Where to study Teaching in Bahrain?

  • University of Bahrain Teacher’s College


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