Egypt: Newlywed husband triggers mass brawl at his wedding for demanding a divorce

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The wedding party of an Egyptian couple descended into chaos when the groom announced as they were leaving for their honeymoon that he wanted a divorce which triggered a mass brawl between the respective family guests.

The groom was reported to be upset because his mother-in-law asked for one last chance to say farewell to her daughter before they departed on honeymoon.

His temper tantrum happened moments after the wedding party concluded, Al Watan (in Arabic) reported.

The wedding party (above) descended into disarray when the husband's patience with his new mother-in-law snapped The wedding party (above) descended into disarray when the husband’s patience with his new mother-in-law snapped.

As the couple got into a car to head home the bride’s parents approached the vehicle and asked to have a moment with their daughter before she left.

The groom ‘completely flipped out’, reported, and screamed at them that they did not need to bid their daughter farewell because they had already spent all night with her.

The bride’s uncle tried to calm the man down, but his intervention did not work.

According to one of the wedding guests, the groom got out of the car, threw a fit, and swore he was going to divorce his wife.

Just moments later, a huge fight ensued outside the wedding hall, with members of both the couple’s families throwing chairs and metal objects at each other.

Five people were injured in the fight, which went viral on Arab social media.

A source told Al Watan that the bride then headed to her marital home but her husband refused to go with her.

Instead he He went back to his family home and remains adamant that he wants a divorce.


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