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Elon Musk Twitter poll ends with users seeking his departure

Over 57% of the participants in a poll put forward by the Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk voted in favour of his stepping down from his position as president of the company, compared to 42.5% who voted for his stay, out of 17.5 million people who participated in the vote.

The controversial American billionaire published an opinion poll on his Twitter account, which he owns, to ask people if they would prefer him to step down as president of Twitter, pointing out that he would “commit” to the results of the survey.

The poll, published by Elon Musk, stated: “Should I step down from my position as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this survey,” he said, allowing people to choose between “yes” and “no.”

Musk used to end opinion polls that he put forward to vote on his page with a tweet that often begins with the phrase “People have said their word”, and then follows it with an affirmation of his commitment to the results of the vote, as he had previously put forward several votes, the last of which was to reactivate the accounts of journalists and people who tracked his location and the movement of his plane, which threatens his safety. personality, according to him.

About 20 minutes after the tweet was published, with the majority of votes close to “yes,” the billionaire posted a new tweet, warning: “As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, you may get it,” according to media reports.

With about two hours remaining until the end of the voting, the percentage of those who voted “yes” reached 57 percent, while 43 percent voted “no,” while the number of participants has so far reached 15.7 million voters.

He interacted with a number of Twitter users, and one of them responded by saying: “The question is not to find a CEO, but to find a CEO who can keep Twitter alive.”

“Nobody wants a job that can actually keep Twitter alive,” he added.

There is no heir.

And a Twitter user “volunteered” for the position of president, and Musk replied to him, saying: “You must love the pain a lot… You should invest your life savings in Twitter, which has been on the highway to bankruptcy since last May. Do you still want the job?”


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