Emirates $21,000 upgrade

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Passenger films his upgrade to $21,000 First-Class seat on Emirates flight

Caviar on offer round the clock, hot showers, turndown service… does this sound like a fancy hotel? Well, it’s not. It was actually the experience of vlogger Casey Neistat when he was upgraded to first class on an Emirates Airlines flight from Dubai to New York recently, in a seat that would have cost him $21,632.30. So Casey, of course, proceeded to video his entire 14-hour flight.

The short film, which he has now uploaded to his YouTube channel, shows the standard of quality in a first class flight with the airline. From a cocktail bar worthy of a five-star hotel, to an extensive food menu, the attention to detail is outstanding.






If you don’t have the energy to ask the cabin crew for assistance, there is also a personal minibar featuring drinks next to the seat.

And the seat has electronic sliding doors to create a luxurious cocoon.

Like a child in a sweet shop, Neistat settles down to sample the food on offer, showcased in a leather-bound menu.

He said: ‘You can order whatever you want, whenever you want.

‘If you order something then they’ll cook it there and then, like being at a real restaurant.’

It’s not just main meals either, the menu includes canapes like smoked mackerel with wasabi mayonnaise on pumpernickel, and marinated feta with aubergine caviar and shichimi.

Then there is an appetisers section that offers caviar with chopped onion, grated egg, sour cream, melba toast and blinis, as well as beef consommé and mushroom soup.

After his meal, Neistat tucks into the goodie bag on offer, which as well as a range of fancy toiletries also contains a pair of slippers and a set of pyjamas.

All that luxury can tire a person out, so a cabin crew member comes to help turn his chair into a bed, complete with sheet, pillow and duvet.

But the best is yet to come – an hour and a half before the plane lands in the US, a cabin crew member comes to inform the passenger that his slot in the shower is coming up.

He said: ‘You have to reserve your shower, so I reserved it for as close to landing as possible.

‘I have 30 minutes in the bathroom to do whatever I want and five minutes of hot running water.’

After making use of all the amenities, including white fluffy towels, shaver, hairdryer, and even taking in the scent of the real orchid, Neistat leaves the bathroom and readies himself for the plane’s arrival at JFK.

He concluded: ‘It really does change your whole relationship with travel, when you take the most painful part of travelling and instead of that being a terrible experience, it goes from pain to pleasurable.’


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