Emirates, Apple & WhatsApp Chosen As Top Brands By Women

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Dubai-based airline Emirates, Apple and WhatsApp are the top-ranked brands by women in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, respectively, according to the 2019 YouGov BrandIndex Women’s Choice Rankings.

The rankings were compiled using the impression score from YouGov’s daily brand tracker, BrandIndex, by asking respondents, “Which of the following brands do you generally have a positive/negative feeling about?” over the past 12 months.

Another brand that moved the rankings this year is Samsung, which went to fifth from eighth place last year. Dairy brand Almarai also improved its perception among women moving up one place to ninth. Baskin-Robbins made an entry into the list at the sixth position this year, while Facebook exited the rankings.

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“The past year has been difficult for technology brands, with each of those present in the top 10 list showing declining scores year-on-year,” the report said.

YouGov also revealed the 10 brands that made the largest improvement to their impression scores over the past 12 months. Coca-Cola topped the list, followed by Netflix, and fast-food brands KFC and McDonald’s.

In Saudi Arabia, the YouGov survey found that Apple beat Almarai to become the top brand for women. Fast food restaurant chain Al Baik has climbed from seventh place last year to third this year.

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In Saudi too, technology brands seem to have had a rather difficult year with both WhatsApp and YouTube seeing a decline in their ranks.

In terms of the 10 brands that made the largest improvement over the past 12 months, Saudi payments network mada topped the list, followed by food and beverage brands Maestro Pizza and Coca-Cola.

Source: Gulf Business


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