Bahrain: Employee found not guilty of embezzling BD15,000

The Minor Criminal Court discharged a private company employee accused by the owner of embezzling BD15,000, given that he was in charge of receiving money from clients. The court found the witness statements and the accusation levelled against the defendant arguable.

According to the defendant’s lawyer, the plaintiff’s company accused her client of seizing the money received from clients instead of depositing it in the company’s account.

He seized the company’s bank card, balances and financial books, which amounted to BD15,000. The owner backed his claim with the witnesses of the company’s employees.

The defendant’s lawyer contested the claim, noting that the defendant and the company owner had previous disputes before this incident.

The defendant had filed a labor case requesting his labor dues, and a ruling was issued in his favour obligating the plaintiff to pay the defendant BD 1,653.333 for late wages. This prompted the owner to retaliate by submitting a malicious claim.

The lawyer stressed her defendant’s denial of the charge, indicating that he worked in the company for six months as a supervisor with no connection to the financial accounts during which he failed to receive his salary of BD400. Upon requesting it, he was given notice of dismissal from the company.

She also pointed out the contradictions of the witness statements. The court ruled in the defendant’s favour given the reasonable margin of doubt and lack of definitive proof of his guilt.


The Daily Tribune

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