‘THE END’ for free parking spaces

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All parking spaces across Abu Dhabi city will become paid from August 18 onwards, the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport announced on Tuesday.

Mawaqif was first created in 2009 and paid parking is already implemented in most areas of the emirate, but motorists will need to purchase a ticket to park anywhere in the capital.

At present, parking in Abu Dhabi is divided into two main sections: residential and non-residential. Those without residential permits cannot park in these areas between 9pm and 8am.

Parking spaces are also divided into two tiers: premium and standard. They are differentiated by pavement colour codes with black and turquoise indicating standard parking, at a cost of Dh2 per hour, and white and turquoise indicating premium parking that costs Dh3 per hour.

The DoT said each sector will, as of August, be specified using clear signage instead of the colour codes.

Tenants and property owners – as well as their immediate relatives who live in the same home – can apply for Residents Parking Permits. Each residence is allotted a maximum of two permits issued specifically for the vehicle and zone.

Non Emirati residents’ permits cost Dh800 annually for the first permit and Dh1,200 for the second. Permits can also be issued bi-annually for Dh400 for the first permit and Dh600 for the second.

Emiratis living in villas are not obliged to pay a fee for a permit. Those living in flats are eligible for four free residents’ permits upon the approval of the DoT.

The department called on all vehicle owners to apply for their permits before the implementation date to avoid incurring fines.

The changes come as part of plans to organise parking spaces in the city and enhance traffic flow by eliminating illegal parking.

The department said it would reduce motorists’ time spent searching for parking spots and “support the use of public transport means, protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gases emissions and maintain the overall look of the emirate”.


Source Credit: The National


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