Enjoy the Journey

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My 11 year old son was preparing for another fierce FIFA 2017 match on PS4 with his elder brother. As he was nervously recruiting his team players in set-up stage, I entered their room and offered to play against him instead of his unbeatable big brother. What was I thinking? I was comfortable in my couch; and now risked losing to a kid!

For some reason (which I realized later in the match), his focused face turned into a cheerful one. “Really dad! Will you play with me?” he said, elated. “Yeah! Why not? Since I’m confident I’ll beat you” I replied with a smirk. His, however, was more confident.

After my son gave me sincere “training” on how to use the PS4 controller (I was a master at FIFA PC game), we kick started the match and soon I got the reason behind his overflowing enthusiasm to play with me. I was lagging 0-4 into halftime!

“Give it to me dad, give to me. I know how to beat him. I’ll reverse the results for you in no time” said my 13 years vigorously, as he tried to pull the controller from my hands. For some weird reason, I was strongly reluctant to give him the “control” gear, although I was sure he will reverse the result for me.

I went on playing and playing, unapologetic for the loss I continued incurring on my side. Every moment in the game, I was becoming better; losing but learning, two steps back, but twenty forward. The adrenaline was rising despite the drop in my chances to win.

Even when the game ended with me not scoring a single point, I was at the pinnacle of energy and joy. Because I “achieved” a lot and gained “grounds”. I felt like a “winner!” I was, wasn’t I?

Dear reader, please play back this story with one adjustment: replace the “dad” on the comfortable couch with you, the risk taking “entrepreneur”, the “game” with the new business you’re starting, and everything else in the game with all the challenges and wonders every entrepreneur experiences and enjoys.

As we celebrate the Eid and its “rewards”, let’s not forget how each day of Ramadan was a “rewarding” step in the beautiful journey of self, soul and community growth. So is every journey in your life, business or otherwise.

Just .. enjoy the journey.


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