The Enlightened Entrepreneur – Vancouver

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Mohamed Shukri, a Bahraini international award-winning speaker, was one of the top 8 keynote speakers in Toastmasters International 86th Annual convention held this year in Vancouver BC, Canada. The convention is the pinnacle of in the organization’s yearly calendar. Thousands of Toastmasters members from across the globe attend and participate in what is known to be one of the biggest leadership and communication events in the world.

The convention consists of a variety of key events that were anticipated year long by the attendees. The World Championship of Public Speaking, international keynote speakers, leadership elections and outstanding educational sessions were some of the key features of the convention.

Mohamed Shukri was the first Arab who ever made it to the World Championship finals back in 2006, in Washington DC. This year, he was selected out of hundreds of international experts to be one of the eight main keynote speakers in the Vancouver convention, to become, again, the first Arab who is given this key role in the organization’s biggest event.

Mohamed’s keynote was titled “The Life In Your Speech” in which he revealed a model for authentic speaking, helping speakers create deeper impact by sharing experiences that touched them the most, giving practical tips to identify those particular experiences.


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