The Enlightened Entrepreneur Blog: “Invent Your Own Wheel” by Mohamed Shukri

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I love learning and have no issue with learning new information, especially if it prevents me from reinventing the wheel. However, friends keep sharing with me valuable business tips and ideas that they come across in social media such as how-to articles, proven models, and best practices by experts and gurus who’ve been there and done that.

Yet sometimes I feel oversaturated and unsatisfied with learning that comes to me from outside of me. When that happens, I think to myself: it’s time I try my way, create my own models. In other words, it’s time to learn by doing, by me doing.

When am I going to be the guru who can teach others what worked for me?!

Besides, what worked for others may not necessarily work for me.

Tons of new ideas and information inundate us daily, and this is exactly the reason why we aren’t necessarily sold on things that may become obsolete in the near future.

Learning from others’ experience makes you a successful student. Learning from your own experiences makes you a school.

Thus, do learn from others to avoid reinventing the wheel. But remember others will also need a wheel that you’ve invented.

So go ahead: invent your own wheel.

Mohamed Shukri 
Author, corporate consultant, award winning speaker.


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