Ex-Google employee calls tech addiction an ‘existential threat’ and calls for regulation

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Former Google employee Tristan Harris said large tech companies have a “moral responsibility” when it comes to shaping billions of people’s attention — one he believes they are abusing in favor of profits.

“Technology is often exploiting how our minds work,” said Harris, who said he first brought up the issue back in 2013 to colleagues at Googlewhen he was employed there. “We’re pointing the most powerful supercomputers in the world at our brains to suck the attention out of it,” Harris, who once worked as a design ethicist at Google, told CNBC. “Then if that stock price has to keep going up I have to actually point it at your kids.”

Technology is often exploiting how our minds work.

In 2014, amid growing concern about technology’s dominance in people’s lives, Harris and a few other Silicon Valley tech alums founded the Center for Humane Technology, where Harris is executive director.

Source Credit: CNBC


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