Expat punished for posting photo mocking Saudi colleague

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An unfortunate expat who uploaded an image poking fun at his ‘lazy’ Saudi co-worker on social media which went viral and caused a storm of controversy has lost his job and been banned from the kingdom.

In a post, that would probably be acceptable in just about any other country, the posted photo shows a sign which reads “Saudi Cashier on duty absent on this shift”. It was posted by the expat worker during the absence of a Saudi cashier at “Sun and Sand sports” a retail store in the Kingdom.

The image went viral on social media and sparked fury among some Saudis, who made formal complaints to the authorities.

Saudi authorities then took immediate action against the expat worker for publically calling out his Saudi colleague for not showing up to work.

The Ministry of Labor and Social development went as far as to ban the expat from working again in the Kingdom. Khaled Aba Al Khail, the spokesman of the Ministry said the retail store will also be held accountable for the matter.


The management of the retail shops apologized over the sign and explained that it was an act committed by a single individual and ‘doesn’t reflect the company’s values’.

But many thought the matter was blown out of proportion as the expat did not harm any Saudi or disrespected anyone, he just disclosed the truth.

Source: Tawasul


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