Expat workers stranded in Sohar will get NOC, company says

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Stranded workers in Sohar will get No Objection Certificates (NOCs), an official from the company that failed to pay them for months said on Monday. Some 800 workers were left unpaid for months and complained to the ministry and the Indian Embassy to help. Workers said they were about to be kicked out of their lodgings and were forced to exist on basic white rice as the company had failed to pay salaries since April.

The latest update on this story is that the workers themselves have confirmed that they have been promised NOCs so that they can stay and work in Oman. “The Indian Embassy and Ministry of Manpower are working very hard so that we can get an NOC as soon as possible and join other companies,” a worker said, adding that they may start getting the NOCs from the company as early as this week.

Two or three companies have already come down and have interviewed a lot of people. They have shown interest in hiring about 70 to 80 employees. “We heard more construction companies are coming this week so we are hopeful that we will all be able to find a job here,” the worker said.

Source Credit: Times of Oman
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