Expatriates Convicted Of Financial Crimes Face A Travel Ban In Kuwait

Kuwait has introduced a law imposing travel ban on expatriates convicted in financial cases, Public Prosecutor Counsellor Saad Al Safran has announced.

The directive aims to address concerns surrounding the increasing number of unpaid fines among foreigners, ensuring compliance with court-issued penalties.

The decision delineates cases warranting travel bans, including judgments issued in absentia carrying fines, as well as sentences in absentia for individuals who were not duly notified. It also includes foreigners sentenced in absentia, whether notified or not, who have filed an appeal within the stipulated timeframe but are awaiting a decision.

Additionally, those who failed to file an appeal within the prescribed period of 27 days from the ruling’s announcement face travel restrictions.

Furthermore, the directive extends to opposition rulings issued with a fine penalty, including expatriates who have filed an appeal within the designated timeframe, regardless of the appeal’s pending status. Conversely, those who have neglected to file an appeal within the specified 20 period from the ruling’s issuance are subject to travel bans.

In-person judgments imposing fines also trigger travel restrictions for expatriates, including individuals with pending appeals and those who have failed to file an appeal within the stipulated timeframe.

However, the directive clarifies that travel bans will be lifted upon full payment of imposed fines. The committee overseeing the collection of criminal fines for the state treasury will implement this decision.


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