Expats can now sponsor visas in Oman

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According to the Times of Oman, the decision by the Royal Oman Police also means that foreigners who own certain properties can receive a visa without a sponsor.

Expatriates who work for a government agency can now be sponsors, according to Article 8 of the new decree. The decree, with the new amendments, states that a visa sponsor must either be an Omani, licensed foreign investor, or an expatriate employee of a government agency.

This means that if an expat working in a government agency wants to bring in a domestic worker, the sponsor can now be the expat worker rather than the government agency.

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An official from the ROP confirmed the decision, saying: “This means that expatriates will be able to become sponsors to a domestic worker long as they meet certain conditions.”

Paragraphs 15 and 16 of article 10 detail the regulations on visas for foreign residential owners.

According to paragraph 15, a foreigner who owns a building in a completed tourist complex can be issued an owner-visa without a sponsor. Additionally, there is a “visa for joining an owner” which is issued for the spouse of the foreign owner and family members of the first degree.

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Source Credit: Times of Oman

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