Expats in Saudi risk losing their jobs

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Saudi is attempting to lower unemployment levels from 12.8 % by filling up junior and senior positions in the public and private sectors. It will do so by firing expats and hiring locals.

The UAE is aiming to fill a skills gap no matter where it is coming from despite a call and new rules for Emiratization.

According to the Saudi Gazette, the rate of Saudization in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is expected to increase as a result of the high cost of employing expatriate workers.

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Table courtesy of Clyde&Co.

Saudis at junior levels receive a monthly salary ranging between SR3,000 ($810) and SR5,000 ($1,350).

Decision-makers represent 15% to 20% of workers in a company. They receive a salary of SR10,000  ($2,700) to SR15,000 ($4,050) monthly.

Dr. Khaled Al-Maimani, head of human resource department at Faculty of Economics in King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, said the main reason why many Saudis leave private companies is the lack of confidence between Saudi employees and management.

Nidal Ridwan, president of the Federation of Labor Unions, said the government wants to Saudize jobs in all sectors without any exemption.

Ridwan said thre are challenges posed by the illegal tasattur (cover-up) businesses where Saudis are paid wages even when they either don’t attend or don’t perform the assigned tasks.


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