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Saudi: Explore Jeddah’s Japanese Sakura Garden for Cherry Blossoms, Delights, and More

Sakura Garden, in the Little Asia entertainment zone organized as part of Jeddah Event Calendar 2023, is impressive, dazzling visitors with the peaceful and poetic garden that abounds in cherries in blossom.

The Japanese Sakura Garden also hosts shops with popular Japanese toys and goods, and a section dedicated to famous Arab restaurants that serve Japanese food in a fusion of tastes.

The garden witnesses a large turnout as people come to enjoy the view and the many recreational and commercial activities.

The cherry blossom, also known as a Japanese cherry or Sakura, holds a prominent position in Japanese culture. It symbolizes beauty and the ephemeral nature of life.

When cherry trees blossom, the Japanese gather for an outdoor party beneath the sakura to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Little Asia zone, with its services, leisure and entertainment venues, has 12 areas that represent eight Asian countries: Japan, China, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and The Philippines.

Tickets to visit Little Asia may be purchased through the link:


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