Are you a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group Fan?

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If you have a business, are a social media manager, or are an employee of a company, you always get asked about the company’s Facebook page.

However, with the ever-changing Facebook algorithms, many Facebook pages suffer from decreasing organic reach, meaning that not many fans can see the Facebook page’s posts on their newsfeed. To overcome this, sponsored ads and boosting posts are the solutions, i.e. throwing money at Facebook to grant your page more reach and exposure.

This gave the opportunity for Facebook groups to become the alternative solution, and have gained a lot of popularity recently. The number one reason behind this is the higher engagement rate among group members, which helps in getting your brand or business more exposure. And consequently helps you land new clients and make new business.

It is important to understand the difference between Facebook pages and Facebook groups before you decide on which one to adopt.

A Facebook page is similar to a profile page that is dedicated to a brand, a business, celebrity, or organization. Businesses are expected to have a Facebook page. The Facebook page gives some insight on the “personality” of the business or the brand, in terms of content shared, and interactions that take place. A Facebook group allows members to engage in conversations, which helps build a sense of community amongst them. Groups can be public, closed, or secret. The secret groups can be viewed by the group members only. The closed groups can be viewed by non-members, but they cannot join.

In order to promote your brand, and are conflicted between Facebook pages and Facebook groups, you need to look into your objectives. If your objective is establishing and promoting your business, then a Facebook page is the answer. On the other hand, if you are selling niche products, a Facebook group would be a better option. But you can have both, it doesn’t have to be either-or. A Facebook page is a must for your brand. And a Facebook group can help you in establishing and nurturing connections, and drive traffic to your Facebook page. The social media rules can be flexible and tweaked to help you reach your goals.

Sawsan Abu Omar, MCIPR

PR & Communications Professional


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