Facebook To Introduce New Forwarding Features In WhatsApp

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The social media giant Facebook announced “Forwarding Info and Frequently Forwarded” are the two latest features to be implemented in WhatsApp to its latest Android beta version.

However, the feature is scheduled to be implemented in the future updates of Android version beta App, informed beta tracking website.

The Forwarding Info feature will allow users to get more details about a forwarded message and will let the user know how many times the sent message has been forwarded.

This information can be known by tapping on Message Info. While, Frequently Forwarded feature will show up if one message has been forwarded more than four times, allowing the user to understand the popularity of the message on WhatsApp.

While for iOS users, WhatsApp is rolling out the Short Link feature with Business beta version, while the feature is already available on both the regular Android and WhatsApp Business for Android apps.