Facebook is tracking you. Here’s how to stop it.

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Social media allows us to share everything public or private. It is not that only your friends can track you but there are certain apps or websites are tracking you online. Social Media apps like Facebook shares your data with other apps which you would not be aware of.


Many people don’t realize that they give access to their account profile when signing in to a new app or website using Facebook. It may be your email address, telephone number, history of life events and location.

Here’s how to stop Facebook tracking you:

To begin with, click on the arrow mark on the top right of your Facebook page and select settings from the menu displayed.

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The ‘Settings’ allows you to control everything you do on Facebook. Click on the ‘Apps’ seen in the list on the left as shown below.

It loads a list of apps that you have been logged in with your Facebook.

Those displayed are the apps are tracking you! Shocking?? Are you aware of all those?

Worry not! You have options to either edit the information you share or to remove your full information. The edit option allows you to restrict the permission for the apps and the delete options cut off the entire access to your account for the app.

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When scrolled down, you find more options that enable you to play games with the Facebook account, publicize the history of mobile numbers you used Facebook app and the data your friends share about you to other apps.

When you click on the ‘Edit’ below the ‘Apps others use’, it displays all your data that you share with apps that your friends use. You can edit it and limit access to your friends and Facebook to share them.


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