Facebook & WhatsApp are most popular Social Media

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* WhatsApp most popular preference for citizens and residents

* Least popular are Snapchat and LinkedIn

* Instagram second preference for citizens, whereas residents chose Facebook

Facebook and WhatsApp are the most popular social platforms among UAE nationals and residents, the national Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority has revealed.

A survey conducted by the authority showed that WhatsApp earned 97 per cent while Facebook got 89 per cent, followed by YouTube with 73 per cent. Meanwhile, the least popular apps turned out to be Snapchat and LinkedIn with 27 per cent and 16 per cent.


Citizens vs residents

The report highlighted a difference in preference between citizens and residents. Citizens preferred WhatsApp at 96 per cent, followed by Instagram at 78 per cent and Snapchat at 62 per cent. While for residents, WhatsApp also came first at 97 percent, followed by Facebook at 93 percent then YouTube at 75 percent.

“The results show many important facts about the uses of social media in the country by citizens and residents in different age groups,” Sumaya Saeed, Director of Government Communication at the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, said.

“We hope that the institutes and governmental authorities, both federal and local, benefit from this research to develop and activate their presence on these platforms in order to serve the citizens and residents, and make them happy,” she added, stressing about the growing importance of social media as a communication platform between the government authorities, decision-makers and the public. (Source Credit – AME Info)


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