Fake bomb trial in Bahrain

The Fourth High Criminal Court sentenced four defendants to 6 months in jail.
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The High Criminal Court has sentenced three defendants to three years behind bars each for placing a fake bomb in Al Naim village in the Capital Governorate. All three were sentenced while they were present in the courtroom, but a fourth defendant was tried in absentia and he was handed down a similar verdict for funding them. The fourth man is said to be living in Iran and sent the money from there to the trio to carry out the illicit plot.

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Many policemen rushed to the village after being alerted of the presence of a suspicious object. Bomb experts were summoned to the scene to examine the device and they later declared it was a fake bomb. Police immediately launched their investigation and wrapped up after identifying the four men as the culprits behind placing the device.

The three defendants in detention admitted to communicating with the fourth defendant, who had encouraged them to execute the plot. He also taught them how to make the fake bomb using crude tools, including wires, plastic pieces, and an old phone. This was done to trigger panic among the residents in this area and to destabilize peace.

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