Fatal bus crash kills 2, injures many in Oman

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A fatal accident on Friday killed drivers of a bus and a truck, while four passengers remain in critical condition with 31 others injured. Mohammad Akram, a Bengali worker who survived the bus crash said that he heard people screaming and saw blood all over the bus seats. He was sleeping when the bus crashed into a truck and awoke to deafening noise. He said he had to climb out of the bus through a broken window because main door was jammed.

The bus was carrying 41 passengers, from the capital Muscat to the southern city of Salalah, when the accident occurred around 7am in the Haima province, according to Salalah Line Transport Company officials, which operates the service. Investigations revealed that the driver of the truck lost control after a tyre burst.

The injured passengers were airlifted by the Royal Oman Police helicopters to Nizwa Hospital. The bodies of the victims are expected to be repatriated to their home countries this week.


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