Ferrari 488 GTB

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Gulf Insider drives another thrilling pre-owned Ferrari for the day.

When I collected this amazing car I joined Noor, Euro Motors Ferrari lady, for a quick coffee. In case you don’t know, Euro Motors are famous for serving great coffee. I was in a hurry but didn’t want to leave the coffee unfinished so asked for it to go. It was then, as I climbed into this car’s luxurious cockpit that – horror – I couldn’t find a cup holder. So I relaxed and enjoyed my coffee before setting off. If this car doesn’t have cup holders, it at least does get you from zero to 100km/h time in 3 seconds – which I guess is more important to anyone wanting to own a Ferrari. Just as impressive, it will get you from zero to 200 kmh in under 8.3 seconds – 2 seconds faster than the Ferrari 458 it replaced. This car is amazingly fast. Obviously I was unable to get anywhere near to test its awe inspiring capabilities on Bahrain’s roads. Rarely did I need to press more than 25% on the throttle to enjoy all the acceleration that I needed or could safely experience.

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Its twin-turbocharged V8 engine is only 3.9 litres, which is small for a car like this, yet it produces a fantastic 493kW and 760Nm. This car is more than just fast. And the road is no place to attempt to test its limits. Unlike just about every other car in the world that hides its engine under a steel or aluminum hood, Ferrari proudly display their twin-turbo V8 for everyone to see under the glass of the rear hood. Some have complained that the fantastically powerful new turbocharged engine doesn’t sound like a traditional Ferrari. Low revs sound about the same, but when high reving there’s a slight whistling which is not at all unpleasant, but it’s just different. Still, you do get a whole lot of extra speed to make up for it. There are air scoops, including two huge air scoops behind the doors that provide air for the turbo heat. There’s an F1-derived dual-clutch gearbox that’s smooth in ‘Auto’ and almost instantaneous in ‘Sport’ setting.

I didn’t even try ‘Race’ setting. Steering is beautifully weighted and precise, and the car feels super capable at all time and is a pleasure to drive. And it’s fast! An F1 Trac system, carbon ceramic brakes, and Magnaride Shock Absorbers all come as standard. The interior of this car is full of the highest quality materials and the very latest technology. The steering wheel cluster design of this and other Ferraris beats any other car for design beauty. If Armani designed an Italian sports car it would probably look like this. The car that I drove came with a Passenger Display, a pricey optional extra that allows the passenger to watch the car’s speed and other info on their own screen. This can be fun. I only had the 488 for a day. I believe a car like this needs at least several days to get the feel of it and really start to gain maximum pleasure. I still don’t really know this car, which reminds me… there are in fact a couple of small discreetly located cup holders in the 488 – I just didn’t see them!

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To arrange for your own test drive of a Ferrari in Bahrain, call Euro Motors on +973 17734734 or email at

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