Fewer jobs for expat graduates in Oman

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Expat graduates must be prepared to leave Oman for work as local jobs are unavailable, experts advised.

Prashant Singh, Academic Advisor at Waljat College of Applied Sciences said “We have seen companies in career fairs hire extremely few of our expat students (Nearly 40% of our student population is made up of expats), due to the fact that they have to maintain their Omanization percentage”.

“I think the people who have lived in Oman for generations, whose families have been contributing to the Oman’s economy for a long time, deserve to at least be acknowledged if they are exceptional instead of keeping them out of the picture completely. They can always be a great boon to the employer as they have the experience of the system in the country,” Prabhu Shankar, Assistant General Manager at MENA HR solutions said.


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