Finding the Perfect Fit

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ith my 10 years of experience in the field of PR, I kept realizing year after year that the PR scene keeps changing, and you have to keep up or you and your company (or clients) will be left behind.

Due to technology, the Internet, and social media, PR – just like any other discipline- is in a continuous state of flux. Every day we hear about a new “breakthrough” and a new trend that will “sweep the nation” and “change the way we do business”. All that big talk aside, there are definitely new tools, techniques, and platforms that PR can benefit from and utilize to achieve set goals and objectives, sometimes they can even surpass those that fall under traditional PR. From social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, as well as their “Live” feature, to blogging, videos, influencers, and focus on content, all these have paved the way for PR professionals to create more comprehensive strategies, campaigns, and PR plans that can help in reaching a wider and larger audience more efficiently and effectively.

That’s not to say all traditional PR tools, techniques, and activities are obsolete. But a smart and savvy PR professional should find the right fit and combination between traditional PR and modern PR. A mindset that is open to change, creativity, adapting and adopting new ideas and concepts is your best friend at this point. Then, a comprehensive and thorough evaluation should take into account the nature of the business, its goals and objectives, its target audience, and thereafter, a sound conclusion will be made where you will be able to determine what mix to use between the ol’ traditional PR and modern PR.

Remember: It is not about trying to prove that your brand is hip and cool and knows its way around the latest trends. There is no pressure on you where you feel obliged to adopt the modern tools and activities. Always put your brand, your product or service, your customers, and your goals and objectives in mind when devising your next campaign and/or strategy.


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