Fines and bails: BD2.5m collected in year 2017

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Manama : Around BD5 million in fines and bails was collected in 2017, according to latest data released by the Public Prosecution yesterday.

The figures showed that bails worth BD2,224,338 and BD2,482,329 of fines were paid to the judiciary authorities during the past 12 months.

This was confirmed by Public Prosecution Chief Dr Ali bin Fadhul Al Buainain during a press conference held at the Public Prosecution in the Diplomatic Area to announce the main events and statistics handled by the prosecution in 2017.

In the conference, Dr Al Buainain announced that the prosecution received 84, 442 cases last year, while 82, 246 were reported in 2016.

“83, 520 cases were finalised, while investigations continue into the remaining 922,” Dr Al Buainain said.

The statistics showed that the majority of the cases received were related to traffic offences, with 100, 183 cases dealt with by the Traffic Prosecution.

It’s worth mentioning that such offences include deaths caused by traffic accidents as a result of disobeying traffic laws and regulations, over-speeding and jumping red signals.

As for the remaining cases, the figures showed that 45,567 misdemeanours, 33, 987 administrative complaints and 2, 634 felonies were reported in 2017.

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It was also confirmed in the conference that theft cases have been on the rise last year, with 8, 970 thefts reported throughout the year in comparison with 6, 395 reported in 2016, with an increase of 2, 575 cases.

However, the number of drugs related cases reported in 2017 remained on the same average as the year before, with 1, 284 cases reported, with an increase of only 13   cases when compared with the year 2016.

Dr Al Buainain also clarified that the past year witnessed the involvement of 626 children in criminal cases, out of which 451 cases were handled by the Family and Child Prosecution.

He additionally explained that the same prosecution reported 829 cases where children were victimised out of 1, 131 victimised children last year. Yet, no juveniles were involved in terror-related cases.

A total of 21, 773 final verdicts were received from lower and higher criminal courts, in addition to the Supreme Court of Appeals.

While speaking about the Terror Crimes Prosecution, Dr Al Buainain said 5, 126 terrorism-related cases were received last year.

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He commented, “In 2017, the Public Prosecution initiated investigations into several terrorism cases, which are restricted to the crimes of organised groups that plan to commit terrorist acts, as well as crimes committed by these groups and organisations, and crimes generally committed for terrorist purposes. This includes crowding and attacks on security forces, citizens and public and private property. As for the corruption cases, which relate to the crimes of bribery, embezzlement, damage, seizure and facilitating the seizure of public funds, the Public Prosecutor’s Office achieved an achievement rate of 80% of the cases referred to it.”

“The Terror Crimes Prosecution managed to complete 99 percent of the cases it received in 2017. As you know, these kinds of cases require great effort and lengthy and intensive investigations to collect evidence and determine criminal responsibility. This includes hearing the testimonies of witnesses, examination of documents, utilising experts’ opinion and confronting the defendants with the results of the investigations,” Dr Al Buainain added.

Source: DT NEws of Bahrain


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