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The First International Conference on Sustainable Futures

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The International Conference on Sustainable Futures (ICSF) will be conducted on November 26-27, 2017 by Applied Science University (ASU) and London South Bank University (LSBU) at the Kingdom of Bahrain. Prof. Ghassan Fouad Aouad, President of the ASU shares the details of the unique event with the readers of the Gulf Insider Magazine.

Can you tell us more about International Conference on Sustainable Futures (ICSF)?

International Conference on Sustainable Futures (ICSF) is first of its kind in the Kingdom. The event will take place under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi, the Minister of Education in Bahrain.  Applied Science University is proud to be the organizers of the event in association with London South Bank University (LSBU), UK. The event has been supported by Nass Group, Higher Education academy, The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB),  AARU and other Univrsities.

The conference will address some topical issues related to energy, alternative energy, and sustainable futures like green buildings, sustainable education.

Mr Sameer Nass, Chairman of the Board of Directors, ASU and Professor Waheeb AlKhaja, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, ASU will be the Conference Honorary Chairpersons and I will hold the Conference Chairperson position with Professor Charles Egbu, Dean at London South Bank University, UK. The CEO of The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) will be the Chairperson for the session covering sustainable buildings and infrastructure.

The conference will address some topical issues related to energy, alternative energy, and sustainable futures like green buildings, sustainable education, sustainable finance, sustainable banking and sustainable planning. The conference will address the topics on how our future world would look like by reducing carbon emissions and carbon footprints.


  You have mentioned that International Conference on Sustainable Futures (ICSF) is first of its kind in the Kingdom. What was the inspiration behind organizing such an event?

In the time of environmental issues and increasing energy prices, people will need to turn to alternative sources of energy. Bahrain is a region blessed with the sunlight and solar energy is a form of cleaner energy too.


The conference will bring forth ideas from many researchers and scholars in this area on the recent developments in the sustainable energy. It will cover some important topics on the developments in the sustainable energy related to technology, environment and economics.

We have around 60 papers submitted for this event from around 15 countries. The keynote speakers will be coming from UK, Italy, Australia, Ireland, Turkey, South Africa, Cypress and other parts of GCC making this a truly international research conference.  The number of participating speakers and research scholars indicate the importance of the topics that the conference covers!

The Conference has a session on sustainable education and there will be attendees from other universities and schools in Bahrain. This is essential since the session is expected to increase the awareness in s the future generation. They will be educated about the importance of the environment and energy consumption.


The Conference has the support of Higher Education Council as it aims to make Bahrain as the knowledge hub in the GCC. The conference is expected to attract more investors and researchers with practical knowledge in the field to Bahrain, and which will be beneficial for the Kingdom as well as the entire Gulf region.  The research papers and findings discussed during this conference is expected to help GCC and oil dependent economy countries to look into alternate energy sources and to cope with difficult economic conditions.

How long the planning and preparation of the event took place?

It has taken a year to plan and execute the event from the point of getting approvals, inviting papers, finalizing papers, finding the venue, arranging visas and accommodation for the international invitees, ensuring logistics etc.


Who should attend this event?

Students, researchers and teachers from the educational institutions and decision makers from the public and private sectors should attend this event. In fact, whoever is interested in the topic are welcome to attend the event. They can register for the event at our website

We have allotted special discounts for the students since they are the ones to be educated and take the topic to the next level.


Those who haven’t submitted the papers or got selected can observe the conference this year, and learn to participate for the next conference.

The conference will be a forum for international researchers and practitioners to discuss, share and exchange their latest research findings in the area of sustainable futures.
This will develop and promote a network of like-minded people who are passionate about the future and its sustainability.


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