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First Rite Of Hajj Begins Today

Today, Friday, pilgrims will commence their Hajj rituals by heading to Mina for the Day of Tarwiyah, which marks the beginning of the Hajj rituals.

Pilgrims will travel to Mina, engaging in frequent talbiyah (a chant of devotion) and supplication. In Mina, they will perform the Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha prayers, shortening the four-Rakah prayers but performing each prayer at its designated time. Pilgrims will also spend the night in Mina, continuing their talbiyah, and supplications in preparation for the stop at Arafat.

Mina is situated between Mecca and Muzdalifah, approximately 7 kilometres northeast of the Masjid Al Haram. It lies within the boundaries of the Al Haram Al Makki (the sacred area surrounding the Kaaba) and is a valley surrounded by mountains on the north and south sides. Mina is only inhabited during the Hajj period. It is bordered by the Jamarat (stone pillars) of Aqaba on the side facing Mecca and by the valley of Muhassar on the side facing Muzdalifah.


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