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First Saudi Railway Company train arrives in Hail

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JEDDAH: A Saudi Railway Company (SAR) train arrived in Hail on Saturday, making its debut trip. Hail is the fourth stop from Riyadh, with the train passing through Al-Majma’ah and Qassem.

Locals welcomed the train by doing the Ardha folk dance. This service offers Hail residents a comfortable and safe option that connects them to the capital, Riyadh. SAR has also announced job opportunities in service and maintenance positions.

Ticket prices for the ride from Riyadh to Hail start from SR120 ($32), but SR60 discount can be availed by booking early through the official website.

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Passengers can board the Riyadh-Hail train on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Attendees of the opening ceremony reacted positively on various social media platforms, praising the sleek cabin design and smooth operation.

In one tweet, Raeda Hanwar described her experience on the train as if she had “stepped into a dream,” noting that the possibilities are limitless for the future.


Source Credit: Arab News


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