Focus On What Makes You Awesome

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“Wow Mohamed! That was awesome. You’re so talented”. Those were words of compliment I used to hear from my colleagues when I was an employee. And although they pointed at certain strengths I had, some of them made it a point to bring my attention to what I NEED to have, and focus on.

“You see Mohamed, it’s good to have these talents. But in the end, your focus should be on what makes you a fully competent as a professional in this position, so that you can advance to the next level and get promoted” What they were really saying is: Good for you, but your talents aren’t going to do you any good!

I believed them; almost. Gradually, I started to go back to the basics, to do what’s necessary to keep me in the circle; to fit in.

But something in me told me otherwise. I wasn’t really comfortable, conforming with the status quo. Plus, my passion, which manifested through that specific talent, was just too overwhelming to ignore or put aside. So I insisted. And I persisted in unapologetically using and investing in my strength.

Eventually, not only was my specific strength my ticket to the next level, and promotion at work; but, today, this particular talent, and my passion for it, became the seed and success for my business idea and brand.

Be careful of good people, giving you bad advice, especially in the workplace. Just focus on what makes you a star, your strengths.

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