Follow Your Passion at Applied Science University

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Gulf Insider sits down with the President of the Applied Science University in Bahrain to discuss their foothold in education as well as the achievements of the institution.

Applied Science University, founded on 2004 is one of the first private universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The university’s relevant programmes, ‘state-of-the-art’ campus, well experienced and qualified staff, and geographical position attract students from all areas.

Gulf Insider talks with Prof. Ghassan Fouad Aouad, the second President of the Applied Science University. A cheerful leader, Dr. Ghassan is proud to discuss the achievements of the University and the pinnacles that they reached among the Kingdom’s Educational institutions.

What are the major steps taken by ASU in building future leaders of the Kingdom?

Our Founding President Professor Waheeb Al-Khaja, believed from the very outset, that university education is a strategic option for developing the human capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain. With this vision, we have tried to outreach the global market by introducing specialized programmes from well-recognized educational institutions.

We are committed to equip our students with skills and knowledge required for the local as well as global market. Therefore, we have introduced and developed a modernized teaching methodology including state of the art facilities to meet the international educational standards.

With the deep understanding that the future of the global business community relies on the present student community, we provide the opportunity for our students to familiarize with the future potential market expectations.

Can you explain in detail the collaboration with the foreign universities?

We took a major step in introducing specialized programmes by launching the new college of Engineering in partnership with the British University of London South Bank (LSBU) which  help with the exchange of experiences between the two universities in the field of Engineering. We will start the first two programmes this academic year 2017/2018 with: Civil and Construction Engineering and Architectural Design Engineering.

ASU also collaborated with Cardiff Metropolitan University, launching their new programmes in Management and Business Studies & Accounting and Finance. Those unique Programmes will enable our students to navigate through the challenges of the evolving business environment and adapt into the ever-changing realm of the financial sectors.

What are the biggest opportunities/challenges ASU have at present?

We are one of the leading private universities meeting the quality and standards specified by the regulatory bodies. Our intention is to be recognized among the major corporate sectors to be referred as the first option for their employment and scholarships programmes.   

ASU is committed to offer an exciting education to academically competent students of Bahrain, the Gulf and beyond.   

What are the major educational reforms happening at ASU to attract more overseas students to ASU?

To ensure that our students will receive a globally acclaimed education, we have recruited instructors from more than 20 nationalities and from various educational backgrounds. We nurture our students in the interactive educational system. More than 20% of our staff are fellows or senior fellows of the Higher Education Academy in the UK.

Our students will venture into the 21st century labor market with great expectations. This is because, we provide our students with an actual job experience through the specialized internship programmes that help them to cope with the labor market. We also support our students by providing insights into their career development, therefore empowering them to wisely choose their career.

Who are your greatest supporters?

    Our greatest supporters are our stakeholders – Ministry of Education, the Higher Education Council, and BQA. Our partners from the Capital Governorate, Business Women Society, Social Media Club, Bahrain SMEs are amongst many others who are supporting us. The British Embassy, the British Council, the Department of International Trade, UK and the Economic Development Board in Bahrain are also giving us every support we need. Our greatest strengths are our students and staff members. It is worth noting that we cannot complete our mission without the collaboration of our media partners like you. The Board of Directors chaired by Mr Sameer Nass and the Board of Trustees chaired by Prof Waheeb AlKhaja provide us with the right directions to move forward.

Do you work with Bahrain Business community to ensure better placements for your graduates?

As I said earlier, we are launching highly specialized programmes in order to help our students find relevant placements with businesses that we are engaged with.

What is your message to the new students who are enrolling into graduate programs?   

“Follow your passion” and above everything, you should recognize the difference between having a job or a career. You should wisely choose the Programme and area you are interested in. Our goal is to help you plan and visualize your aspirations that will enable you to progress far.


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