Fossil Fuel, CO2 Emissions Hit Record High In 2023

Don’t tell Greta, or her much easier on the eyes replacement, Sophia.

At a time when the peak of “green” virtue signaling has come and gone, we regret to inform you that all that jawboning and posturing has achieved… absolutely nothing because according to the Statistical Review of World Energy report released, global fossil fuel consumption and energy emissions hit all-time highs in 2023 (even as fossil fuels’ share of the global energy mix decreased slightly on the year).

Growing demand for fossil fuel despite the scaling up of renewables could be a sticking point for the transition to lower carbon energy as climate alarmist scream and rage that global temperature increases are set to reach 1.5C (2.7F), the threshold beyond which scientists say impacts such as temperature rise, drought and flooding will become more extreme; then again these are the same shrill activists who predicted in 2018 that the world would end unless we stop using fossil fuels by 2023. Not only has that not happened, but fossil fuel use is hitting annual records!

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