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Free parking planned in areas close to houses

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BAHRAIN: The Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning issued a statement yesterday saying that it would provide free parking in areas close to residences.

“Parking meters have been installed on a number of commercial roads, upon a decree issued by the Supreme Council for Traffic. The Ministry, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and Municipal Councils, restricts the number of houses overlooking commercial roads in order to provide parking licenses in a number of parking areas for free,” it said.

“The Ministry has installed the parking meters to limit the wrong use of parking spaces by a certain group all day long, increase the capacity of parking spaces and organize parking on roads. Following the allocation of parking spaces along a number of commercial roads near residential areas, lack of parking and double parking has ceased to exist,” it said.

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“Due to the growing urban development Bahrain is witnessing, the population has risen tremendously. As a result, the number of registered vehicles has also increased and so has the demand for parking spaces. The Ministry has conducted surveys and traffic studies; taking into account municipal councils’ demands for parking spaces in all Governorates, close to mosques, Ma’atams, and schools. Parking spaces are constructed on the sides of the roads or as part of government lands’ courtyards dedicated for this purpose. The Ministry also takes ownership of some lands as per the need to expand the road and construct parking spaces, in coordination with services directorates and the concerned parties,” the Ministry added.

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Source credit : BNA



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