Germany Considering Deportations To Afghanistan After Migrant Stabbing Attack

Germany is considering allowing deportations to Afghanistan of dangerous criminals following the frenzied stabbing attack in Mannheim that left a police officer dead.

The attack was carried out by an individual angry at right-wing political activist Michael Stürzenberger for criticizing Islam.

Footage of the incident shows a police officer tackling the wrong person, one of Stürzenberger’s campaign workers, before being stabbed in the neck from behind.

The police officer, named as Rouven L., subsequently died from his injuries after failing to wake from an induced coma.

The culprit, Sulaiman Ataee, arrived in Germany in 2013 as a refugee and was refused asylum but remained in the country due to his age and went on to marry a Turkish woman with German citizenship.

Remix News reports that from about 2020 onwards, Ataee “Grew a full beard and developed an identity around radical Islam. On a Youtube channel that has since been deleted, which was run by Ataee, he featured a Taliban flag in his profile photo and uploaded videos of terror preacher Ahmad Zahr Aslamiyar.”

Recently released government violent crime statistics show that foreign migrants account for nearly 6 in 10 violent crimes in Germany, with Afghans making up a sizeable chunk of that figure.

German authorities have responded by indicating they will now begin deporting Afghan criminals back to their home country, despite it now being under Taliban rule.

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser told journalists officials had been carrying out an “intensive review for several months… to allow the deportation of serious criminals and dangerous individuals to Afghanistan.”

“It is clear to me that people who pose a potential threat to Germany’s security must be deported quickly,” Faeser said.

“That is why we are doing everything possible to find ways to deport criminals and dangerous people to both Syria and Afghanistan,” she added.

One wonders why Afghan criminals were not already being deported, given that Afghanistan under the Taliban is now relatively stable to the point that tourists are even returning to the country.

As we highlight in the video below, while the government may be taking some steps to deport violent Afghan criminals, other members of the political class called for more diversity, while the media seemed intent on hiding the nature of the incident altogether.


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