Germany: Foreign Migrants Account For Nearly 6 In 10 Violent Crime Suspects

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Foreign migrant suspects are responsible for nearly 6 in 10 violent crimes in Germany according to new figures released by the federal government.

Despite comprising roughly 14.6 per cent of the population, foreign migrants were responsible for 58.5 per cent of all violent crimes.

Foreigners without a German passport make up 111,517 suspects alleged of violent crimes out of the total 190,605 suspects for the country as a whole.

The statistics were released by the Federal Criminal Police Office and reported by broadcaster NTV.

The number of non-Germans suspected of violent crimes rose by 14.5 per cent over the previous year, while foreign migrants also account for 187,000 out of the total 424,000 suspected thieves.

“Excluding immigration crimes, the number of non-Germans suspected of any crime rose by 17.8 per cent in 2023 to 923,269 suspects, representing nearly half of the 2.25 million total suspected criminals last year,” reports Breitbart.

NTV tried to justify the criminality of foreign migrants by asserting that they have experienced violence in their homes countries, which “lower(s) the threshold for using violence.”

Notably, the figures don’t include foreign migrants who later obtained German citizenship or those with a foreign migration background via one of their parents.

Andrea Lindholz, a member of the Bundestag parliament for the centre-right Christian Social Union (CSU) party, said Germany is reaching its “limit” in its “ability to integrate” migrants, adding that integration comes with a high cost.

As we highlight in the video above, there is now majority opposition to mass migration amongst Germans, despite the establishment demonizing those who hold such views as right-wing extremists.

The German government previously vowed to increase deportations of foreign criminals after a huge increase in migrant crime.

The anti-mass migration AfD is the second biggest party in Germany and the most popular amongst young people, but the federal government is trying to ban it in the name of ‘preserving democracy’.



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