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GITEX 2023: AI, Sustainability at Top of Agenda as Tech Companies Gear Up for COP28 in UAE

Sustainability and generative AI become the most defining trends at this year’s GITEX Technology Week in Dubai

Major technology players attending GITEX 2023 in Dubai this week shared their visions for AI and sustainability, as the industry gears up for the pivotal COP28 climate talks in the UAE.

With exhibitors highlighting automation, data optimisation and AI-driven approaches, GITEX 2023 indicates how the technology industry is increasingly factoring sustainability and climate action into strategies and solutions.

Technology and Decarbonisation

One of the leaders pushing for sustainability solutions is Schneider Electric.

“We truly believe in putting sustainability into action, not just talking about it,” said Mouna Essa-Egh, Vice President Africa & Middle East. The company has 27 targets for 2025 covering areas like diversity, energy access and efficiency.

At the major five-day technology event, Schneider Electric demonstrated its three-phase approach. “First we strategise goals with customers, then use AI and digital twins to optimize, and finally implement digitisation and decarbonisation,” said Essa-Egh. They showcased tools helping customers analyse where to find energy, waste and emissions savings.

“Digitalisation allows measuring and improving savings potential across buildings and infrastructure,” she continued. “AI then helps automate based on analysed data.” Their smart grid technologies likewise optimize balancing different energy sources.

Looking ahead, Essa-Egh noted the need to “manage data more efficiently to recognise patterns and opportunities.” She revealed that Schneider will sign MoUs at COP28 around digital and sustainable cities.

“We have to do business but we also need to keep our sustainability goals in mind. Otherwise, we would continue to put our planet at risk.”

Innovating the consumer experience

The e& pavilion at GITEX is consistently one of the most popular exhibition areas, attracting thousands of visitors each year to see the latest and greatest innovations in technology.

This year, it showcased the cutting-edge developments being made across critical sectors like AI, IoT, machine learning, virtual reality, robotics and more.

As a key player within the pavilion, e& life is dedicated to displaying the future of digital experiences and services that will transform people’s lives. It was in this context that e& life CEO Khalifa Al Shamsi, outlining his vision for the company to be at the forefront of harnessing disruptive technologies like generative AI.

“With emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain, we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible with digital technology,” Al Shamsi.

“We are at the forefront of making a significant impact in the fintech and entertainment industries, in line with our commitment to providing a seamless experience, with all services interconnected to work together.”

Al Shamsi outlined e& life’s ambitious vision to elevate the consumer experience in the years to come.

“We are excited about what we can achieve in the future. e& life envisions a future where digital services are personalised, automated, and intelligent, transforming the way we live, work, and play,” said Al Shamsi.

“We are committed to creating a better future for all by amplifying customer engagement with innovative fintech offerings, accelerating our joint vision towards a regional super app with Careem, and elevating the customer experience in the entertainment industry with our acquisition of exclusive broadcasting rights.”

“This year, e& life is seizing this incredible opportunity to guide our visitors on a journey into the future, where the unimaginable becomes possible through technological innovation.”

Their theme, “Accelerating Innovation,” exemplifies the aim “to transforming the world of technology to create a brighter future.”

Another company actively working on AI and sustainability solutions is consumer electronics company HTC. At GITEX, Nikhil Nair, the company’s Head of Sales for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, outlined their partnership with Etisalat to expand the ‘VIVEVERSE’ metaverse onto the e& universe platform.

This digital twin showcase included replicating the GITEX exhibition space as well as adding venues like an ‘events arena’ and ‘smart home.’ As Nair explained, “We’re pretty much here to demonstrate the different technology pushes, namely our Polygon Streaming.”

“Polygon Streaming is less resource-intensive and it ultimately helps on the wider scale. There’s always individual responsibility, which is great, but if you can do things at a data centre level, it’s always very powerful,” said Nair.

Looking further ahead, Nair sees generative AI becoming “a major layer on any tech stack” and playing a “major role” in enhancing consumer experiences. HTC is focusing on positioning itself as a “full-fledged turnkey provider” for emerging solutions.

“Generative AI is here to stay and I think it’s just going to be adding on to the overall customer experience.”

GITEX Global 2023 kicked off at Dubai World Trade Centre on Monday, and will run until October 20.

This edition of the event signaled a shift in business priorities, with a growing focus on these issues. Major players are thus well positioned to showcase progress as the spotlight turns to COP28 in Dubai which will run from November 30 to December 12. Further innovation will be crucial to aid mitigation and adaptation efforts globally.


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