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‘Global AI Corridor’ deal with Saudi Aramco aims to link Riyadh to California

Saudi Aramco announced on Tuesday a deal to launch a ‘Global AI Corridor’ in partnership with Beyond Limits, a US-based artificial intelligence company.

“The corridor is designed to develop and commercialize complex AI solutions, train Saudi talent, support Saudi start-ups, and together with a global partner build a local AI ecosystem,” Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser said at the Global AI Summit in Riyadh.

The deal, valued at $250 million, aims to link Riyadh to the US state of California, Beyond Limits CEO AJ Abdallat told al-Arabiya TV on Tuesday.

It will include building a center with Aramco that will focus on energy and combating climate change and will span five years, Abdallat added.

The program will also comprise an AI delivery factory, an AI academy and AI research & development labs, Nasser said.

The program is in the early stages of development, “but this demonstrates the level of our ambitions,” he added.



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